DRG(Dragon Coin)

Name: Dragon Coin

Token Name: DRG

Status: Active


At the digital heart of Dragon’s ecosystem is the Dragon Coin, designated and registered with the token market abbreviation of ‘DRG’.  Dragon Coin (DRG) is set for mass adoption across the entire entertainment space due to its versatility, and when combined with the Dragon Social Wallet, they make a formidable offering.  Dragon’s position within the entertainment industry has opened doors to incredibly exciting opportunities in different markets around the world and has already been used at live e-gaming events allowing gamers to monetise their love of gaming in a manner never seen before.  DRG holders will be able to use their Dragon Social Wallets in the physical as well as the virtual world to purchase tickets for events and once inside the venue to purchase food and merchandise easily just by using the QR code on their phones.  Dragons Blockchain Innovation allows DRG to be used in with the Dragon Social Wallet to provide convenient, frictionless payment solutions which can be applied to any existing B2B or B2C ecosystems. DRG opens up a world of amazing possibilities in the world of digital asset trading.

In addition to DRG, the Dragon Platform supports Dragon Global Chips: ‘DGC’. These DGC tokens can be purchased by converting DRG at the prevailing market rate. DGC tokens will have a value permanently pegged to a specific fiat currency. This allows DGC users to lock in a certain number of chips at an exchange rate between DRG and DGC that they are comfortable with.  Gamers need to own DRG to buy DGC, which can only be exchanged for non-negotiable physical gaming chips at a Dragon Junket or other Dragon affiliated gaming venue.  These non-negotiable chips cannot be cashed. Instead, the gamer must stake them while playing at the tables. This encourages the gamer to ‘roll' all the money across the junket tables, which underpins daily gaming volumes.  As an added incentive, junket operators give the elite gamers a 1% rebate on their gross stake monies once they complete the first roll.  When cashing in their physical negotiable gaming chips, Dragon gamers have the option of receiving cash or digital currencies. If they choose a digital currency, the cashier will effortlessly transfer it to using a secure ‘gamer-cashier' wallet to wallet transfers.  If gamers choose to keep stake monies and winnings in digital form ready for the next visit to the gaming tables, they could do so, securely and at a minimal cost.

Token Overview

Total Circulation: 348,569,280

Support Links

Official Website: https://drgtoken.io

Whitepaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/drg-token/Whitepaper-Dragon.pdf